Total Gut Restoration PLUS

Total Gut Restoration PLUS

Want to feel better? This is an easy, effective way to start.

The world we live in comes with assaults to our digestive system from every direction. Stress, medications, commonly eaten foods, alcohol, herbicides all damage the lining of our digestive system. Even if we reduce stress and try to eat right there may be factors beyond our control. Since we are told disease begins in the gut, this protocol is key to rebuilding our health from the inside out.

Intake Forms

You’ll complete several comprehensive questionnaires allowing me to dive into your health history and identify healing opportunities.


MegaSpore Total Gut Restoration – 30 day supply of each of these 3 products ($220.50 retail value)

MegaSporebiotic, MegaPrebiotic, MegaMucosa


Binder- binds to toxins released from pathogenic (undesirable) bacteria as they die off, a $31.50 value

  • Responsive Support to begin and as needed
  • 30 days of products included
  • Diet recommendations to maximize benefits
  • Online access to additional therapeutic grade products to complete the 90 day protocol

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