• Where do I begin , Last November I almost went blind, in fact I temporarily went blind in one eye. After multiple Dr. Visits and thousands of dollars spent trying to save my vision and reverse the damage my doctor decided to put me on chemo therapy along with Steroids to help suppress my immune system. I met Elene Murray one day on a support group hopelessly looking for answers as to why this was happening to me and if there were others going through this same thing. Elene messaged me and said I can help you. I was very skeptical but I said let me give it a shot, at this point I was desperate. After 3 months under Elene’s recommended therapy I was finally able to Ween myself off of prednisone and then 6 months later all my inflammatory markers were ALL normal to where my Dr.’s were scratching their heads not understanding why I was doing so well so quickly. What the doctors projected to be a long and slow road to recovery and long term chemotherapy Elene saw it differently and said No we can fix all of that and she did. I am currently still following her protocol and no longer taking any medications. I am only taking her recommendations with supplements ,diet and exercise. If you are going through any health issues and your doctors are prescribing you one pill after the next, do yourself a favor and give Elene a call she will save your life literally. I even feel like a brand new person, like I did when I was in my 20’s. – Jennifer Cox
  • I just took a trip off my bucket list that I couldn’t dream of completing 3 months ago. I didn’t have the energy to get out of bed. Thanks to Elene I changed my eating habits, adjusted my supplements and increased my understanding of how my body works. I now know my body’s metabolic type, what fuels it and what makes it happy. I know how to keep my body at highest performance versus what will put me back in the bed. I feel like a million bucks! Thanks Elene and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. – Alissa Harrell
  • Thank you for all of your help! After 2 1/2 years of fertility treatments, losses and the toll IVF takes on your body my health was not in a good place. My bloodwork showed that my body was inflamed, stressed and shutting down. We were getting ready to go through another IVF process and I was 20 pounds heavier and my body was angry. Finding you helped me to release a lot, learn a lot and prioritize my health! My bloodwork is now normal, and I am 26 weeks pregnant! Thank you for all you did but most importantly for giving me permission to put myself first!  –Audrey Freshwater Merritt, M.A. Save the Children State Director of Programs, Trauma Expert, Consultant, Therapist & National Speaker
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